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**The prototypes were the first standard coaches in the UK to be built entirely of metal, the widest standard gauge stock ever built at 9 feet, they entered service in 1916 and were not withdrawn until the early 1960's! **

Product Specification

All three coach types are produced (Diag. Nos. 136 – 138), making it possible to assemble complete, prototypical 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 car trains:

  • '0' gauge, 12v DC operation; wired to facilitate simple DCC conversion

  • Hand built and finished from etched nickel silver, brass, & some cast components

  • Wheelsets by Roxey Mouldings, motor by ETS

  • Motorised coaches are additionally wired to pick up from the non-motorised bogie

  • Basic unit comprises one motorised Motor Coach & one Trailer coach; further Trailer coaches and non-powered Motor Coaches also available

  • Choice of all available liveries – L&Y, LMS (early or late), or BR(LMR)

  • Choice of finish – gloss / satin / matt, pristine or slightly weathered, grimy underneath

  • All vehicle numbers available

  • Destination panels supplied & worded to your preference

  • Moveable lamp included for non-driving end of BR era Motor Brake cars

  • Highly detailed interior includes ‘upholstered’ seats

  • Driver included !! (in Motor brake only); passengers available as an optional extra

  • Scale buck-eye (Kadee) couplings fitted throughout

  • Designed for easy access to interior – facilitates easy introduction of passengers, maintenance, DCC conversion etc

  • Production run strictly limited, each model numbered & presented with accompanying certificate

  • Delivered in sturdy presentation / stock box suitable for storage

Specification of Vehicle types available, all of which are covered by Electrifying Trains:

  • Diag. No. 136 - 3rd class motor car

  • Diag. No. 137 – 3rd class trailer car

  • Diag. No. 138 – 1st class trailer car

Possible Train Formations:

1 Car Train: Motor 3rd (Holcombe Branch)

2 Car Train: Motor 3rd + Trailer 1st

3 Car Train: Motor 3rd + Trailer 3rd + Motor 3rd *

4 Car Train: Motor 3rd + Trailer 1st + Motor 3rd * + Trailer 3rd

5 Car Train**: Motor 3rd + Trailer 1st + Motor 3rd * + Trailer 3rd + Motor 3rd

*We suggest use of an unpowered Motor 3rd coach where indicated

** We recommend that 5 car trains should include 2 powered Motor 3rd coaches


Powered motor car RTR Price: £850.00* (ex-delivery)

Additional unpowered trailer or motor coaches: £650.00* each (ex-delivery)

*Additional charges apply where L&Y lined or either LMS livery is specified