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Each Electrifying train is hand-built to the specification you supply using the order form available from each product page
**NEW** BR Mk.1 Corridor First SR / BR(S) 4-LAV EMU
Electrifying Trains BR Mk1 FK Electrifying Trains 4-LAV 

SR / BR(S) Gate Stock Sets 372 - 4 (& 363)

L&Y Manchester - Bury EMU's
Electrifying Trains SR Gate Stock Electrifying Trains L&Y units

SR / BR(S) 4-COR, 4-BUF, 4-CAF, 4-GRI, 4-RES

SR / BR(S) 2-HAL

Electrifying Trains 4COR   2-HAL blue2HAL green

SR / BR(S) 2-BIL

SR / BR(S) Articulated Sets Nos. 513 - 514

2-BIL olive lined  Artic Set blood 

SR / BR(S) Pull-Push Sets Nos. 481 - 482

Ruston 48DS diesel shunter

Set 482 frontSet 482 gren  48DS48DS side

SR / BR(S) 2-HAL / BIL variations