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Southern Railway / BR(S) 4-COR, 4-BUF, 4-CAF, 4-GRI & 4-RES Ready to Run EMU's

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Product Specification

This covers the complete 4-COR family (4-COR, 4-RES, 4-BUF, 4-CAF and 4-GRI), all of which can be supplied:-

  • '0' gauge, 12v DC operation

  • Hand built and finished from etched brass & some cast components

  • Wheelsets by Roxey Mouldings, motors by ETS

  • Sprung buffers by Markits

  • Unit comprises two Motor coaches, each motorised, & two Trailer coaches

  • Motor coaches pick up from all wheels

  • Choice of all available liveries – SR*, BR(S) green or blue, with all types of warning panels – or none

  • Choice of finish – gloss / satin / matt, pristine or slightly weathered, grimy underneath

  • All unit & vehicle numbers available

  • Headcode for your preferred route; roofboards available as an optional extra

  • Moveable lamp included for non-driving end

  • Highly detailed interior includes ‘upholstered’ seats, plus luggage racks, advertisements and even mirrors!

  • Driver included !! (passengers available as an optional extra)

  • Scale screw-link couplings fitted to outer ends as standard; alternatives for outer ends on request. Adjustable metal bar couplings within set allowing adjustment to suit radius of curves

  • Built to negotiate 3' radius curves

  • Designed for easy access to interior – facilitates easy introduction of passengers, maintenance, DCC chip fitting etc

  • Passengers, and choice of prototypical roofboards available at additional cost

  • Production run strictly limited, each model numbered & presented with accompanying certificate

  • Delivered in sturdy presentation / stock box suitable for storage

Specification of sub-types within the 4-COR family, all of which are covered by Electrifying Trains:

  • 4COR: Motor Brake 3rd – Trailer Third – Trailer Composite – Motor Brake 3rd
  • 4RES: Motor Brake 3rd – Dining First – Dining Third – Motor Brake 3rd

  • 4BUF: Motor Brake 3rd – Buffet Car – Trailer Composite – Motor Brake 3rd

  • 4CAF: Motor Brake 3rd – Dining First – Cafeteria Car – Motor Brake 3rd

  • 4GRI: Motor Brake 3rd – Dining First – Griddle Car – Motor Brake 3rd

    Individual coaches can be supplied upon request.

Price: £3,050 (ex-delivery, ex-passengers)

*An additional charge of £50 per car will apply where Southern Railway lined olive livery is specified